Typical Theater Geek Problems

Jan 20

placeforthedifferent said: Why don't you post on this blog anymore? It really makes me sad.

It’s because there were a lot of other theatre problems blogs and I didn’t want to compete.  If there were already some, there wasn’t a point in me just continuing, and starting to run out of interesting problems to write.  I was also incredibly lazy to keep making new posts of picmonkey or something every day, especially since I’m constantly in a rehearsal or gig or date or outing or something ya feel me?  I was also really worried that my answers to people’s questions weren’t good enough and I gave them bad advice and I didn’t want to tell everyone that i wouldn’t answer their questions but I didn’t really want to get everyone’s questions.

And after a while or so I kept thinking I’d start the blog back up again and then not post for another two weeks or so.  I decided that it was better to just stop posting in general.

I’m really glad you liked the blog though, that makes me happy! 

Feb 03

Anonymous said: hi! so im a 14 year old girl and im auditioning to get into this theatre camp, can u recommend any age-appropriate 1-2 minute dramatic or comedic monologues or somewhere i can get one from? thank you SO much!!!

Personally, I quite like the Alice in Wonderland monologue, I used this monologue earlier this year (in a show where I got a lead might I add lol)  It’s probably one of my favorite monologues.  It’s appropriate and lots of fun and shows a lot of emotion.  It can be found here: http://www.monologuearchive.com/c/carroll_001.html

Break your leg at auditions and keep rocking the stage!!

Submitted by broadwayhopeful23!

Submitted by broadwayhopeful23!

Anonymous said: Hey, could I get some audition advice? I'm auditioning for an advanced theatre program. Do you know of any uptempo, almost comedic, mezzo-soprano songs? Also, by any chance do you know of any comedic female monologues? If you do please tell me. Thanks so much!!!

For songs, look into the songs “Pulled” from The Addams Family and “Cain’t Say No” from Oklahoma!  Both are uptempo, cheerful and comedic songs that would be a blast to learn and sing for an audition.  They’re in easy ranges, but if you want to belt more go for Cain’t Say No, but if you want to go in and out of belting, Pulled is a perfect option.

 As for the comedic monologues, choose one of the monologues from the musical “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”…Lucy’s monologues and Sally’s monologue are hysterical to watch and read.  Break a leg and keep rocking the stage!

Feb 02

Anonymous said: Lately I haven't gotten cast into any theatre productions on and around my campus and I really want to improve my acting but I cannot if I don't get any experience. Help?? Advice???

A hint of advice-don’t try out for all shows like that!  Do community theatre for experience.  Everyone has to get in those, and sure you have to pay to be in them to cover the costume costs and whatnot, but it is the best way to get experience.  You can build close-knit friendships with everyone and you still get to put on a lot of wonderful shows.  Community theatre is the way to go!  Keep rocking the stage :)

Submitted anonymously!

Submitted anonymously!

for-emmaforeverago said: hey! how's life?? so i was just wondering if oyu had any specific tips for crying on stage-like actual crying-i cant use chemicals my director wants me to and i'd like to even though it is a stage show and people probably wont see it but i think it'll better my performance and we're in a competition so i'd like to do as well as possible everyone says just picture sad things but i was wondering if you had any other tips oh the show is godspell and im peggy and he wants me to cry during by my side

That’s just it.  Picture sad things.  If you can’t really picture sad things, imagine someone yelling at you or something.  It’s very upsetting and it’s hard to think about, but it helps.  My one friend had to cry in a scene, and he said he had to imagine his dad beating him.  Which is absolutely horrific, but it got him to start crying.  If you don’t want to go that route, maybe try something that’s really happy that would make you cry out of joy.  You are a theatre kid, and I’m sure you have imagination to do that.  Keep rocking the stage and break a leg in Godspell!

Jan 27

Anonymous said: Are there any good roles for lyric sopranos in musical theatre? (not opera.) It seems that roles are only written for ballsy mezzos in theatre :( I'm trained operatically so I can't sing anything in my chest voice and it sucks lol.

Of course there are good roles for sopranos!  I don’t know how your Lyric Soprano voice sounds, but here are some amazing high soprano roles: Cosette in Les Miserables (look up “A Heart Full of Love”), Joanna from Sweeney Todd (look up “Green Finch and Linnet Bird”), Abagail from 1776 (look up “Yours, Yours, Yours”), Maria from West Side Story (look up “Tonight”), and Marian Paroo from The Music Man (look up “Til There was You”) and those are just a few that i can think of off the top of my head!